Am I the right person to offer Math help?

Hi, I am Anirban from India and I teach Math over the internet (you can call me 'Ani' as some of my students and their parents do). This is my personal website that I use to teach Math in my own style. I have uploaded several live lessons and recorded videos to help you decide how effective my lessons are. Yet I feel that you have every right to question my educational background, qualifications and experience as a Math tutor. This page will (hopefully) answer all your questions. If you have more questions after reading through till the end, feel free to ask.

Early life and a memorable incident
I am born and brought up in Kolkata, a major city in the Eastern region of India. I was a bright kid in school, especially in Math and Physics. Although I won a few academic prizes in school, the most cherished 'prize' is the memory of an incident when I was in fifth grade.

I remember sitting right behind everybody in the class and kept prompting answers to Math problems before my teacher could write them down on the board. He was in an encouraging mood in the beginning but probably didn't quite like the idea of a fifth grader solving them before the teacher on a consistent basis.

My teacher came up to me and said, "You could do them mentally because they were easy problems. You can't keep prompting once the problems get harder, can you?" I kept quiet. He then went on to throw a few more difficult problems, possibly created on the fly and I was able to do them mentally, too. He was visibly stunned. He said to me, "You can do them but the others can't. So you better keep shut and let the class learn!" That made my day, sorry week, month, year, and years to come. The incident gave me a lot of confidence.

Okay, enough of bragging.

Educational Qualification
In the year 2001 I completed my Engineering with a specialization in Printing from one of the best Universities in India. Thereafter I did my Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology from a different institute that is renowned and respected all over the world. I actually secured the 10th position in the admission test from amongst candidates all across India. more bragging, seriously.

I do not have a Math major. However, an engineering background followed up with a specialization in IT meant Math and I never parted ways.

The pain
I took up a job as a software engineer with a top IT company from the US. I traveled outside my country, seen places, made friends but was never truly satisfied. I thought the only thing I could do in life was teach (when I was in college, I was engaged with a tutoring home as their youngest Physics teacher).

I had no formal teaching qualification and therefore could not switch career. Moreover, with such wonderful degrees the 'coolest' career option in my country is to be a part of the Information Technology industry. So I had no choice but to stick to my job like a robot, without much motivation or enthusiasm. Until.....

Math tutoring experience
It all changed one day when a gentleman from Vancouver, Washington, posted a Math tutoring request for his seventh grader on a popular freelancing website. I responded, we had a Skype call and he agreed to hire me for his son. This is the same person who has written a testimonial for me on the home page of this website.

After his son's finals and after the grades were out, this person was so happy that he started telling people around him about me. I started getting new students who were already carrying a very positive impression about me and my ability even before we started.The newer students would bring in more students and that's how the ball started rolling.

Today I have more than 3500 hours of live online tutoring experience. I have worked with students from US, Canada, Brazil, UK, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Egypt, China, Singapore and Australia.

About this website
Having received several positive feedback I thought why not start a website to reach out to a wider audience? After all, many students across the globe dread Math and I know I can help them overcome the anxiety.

That's my side of the story so far. Hope it made an interesting reading. If you have any question about me or about the services I provide, feel free to ask here.


Math is in our daily lives. Just look around and you will find it in some form or the other. Here's a weird bit of Math from my own life.

My father was born on 6th of September and I was born on 6th of December. I have two kids. My elder son was born on 6th of March and guess what, the younger one was born on the 6th of June.

If you are only looking at the number 6 you are missing a point. They are all exactly 3 months apart. That's a real life example of what an Arithmetic Sequence is!