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What is "online tutoring"? If you have already watched this video, you probably have an idea. If not, this section explains everything.

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Simply put, online tutoring is a modern day mode of tutoring where student and tutor "meet" over the internet. Once you get a feel, I am sure you will agree you could pretty much do everything (and even more) you could do in a face-to-face tutoring session.

Personally I am a big fan of this new-age tutoring. There are several advantages...

 Online tutoring saves time, money and energy

As tutoring is done over the internet, there is no travel involved. Travel time and cost are saved and so is energy. Further, online lessons usually cost significantly less than face-to-face tutoring. Families that don't have deep pockets can afford tutoring for their kids on a regular basis.

 Online tutoring ensures privacy

As the tutor is not present in person, online lessons can be attended from any corner of the home (you can safely replace the word 'home' with the word 'world' as long as you have access to a computer with internet connection). You don't necessarily have to be well groomed and well dressed to attend a lesson (unless you are using a webcam, which isn't essential to make a math session effective).

 No dependency on local tutors

Some families find it hard to find a local tutor - whether be it in terms of quality or be it in terms of cost. When they opt for online lessons for their kids, the dependency on local tutors vanishes in thin air!

Over the years, I have worked with many kids from many different parts of the world whom I have never met. Yet, I know their learning habits, their strengths and their weaknesses and also share a great working relationship with their parents. They know they can count on me when it comes to helping their children with math. Yet, for obvious reasons, I will probably never get to meet all of them.

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 The flip side...

Different kids have different learning styles and different teachers have different teaching styles. Kids that have fun working on the computer usually tend to enjoy their online lessons more.

However, some kids tend to lose focus sitting in front of (and staring at) the computer for a long period. When such a kid does an online session without a webcam, it get's a little tricky for the tutor to make out what's going on the other side. Using a webcam not only compromises on the privacy but it also consumes decent amount of internet bandwidth (that can affect quality of the session).

To ensure the student is attentive and indeed his/her mind is on the lesson, the tutor should ideally be trying to make the class interactive. If you have followed any of the recorded lessons on this website (there's a list right here), you'll notice how I try to keep the student engaged by constantly encouraging him/her to speak to me.

 What do you need to get started?

A computer with broadband internet, headset with microphone, a couple of free (and trusted) software installed on your computer, preferably a scanner (to scan and send across homework assignments or pages from the text book if required), and optionally a digital pen (an electronic pen that helps write freehand on the computer screen) is all that you need to get going.

As already mentioned, as a Math online tutor I do not feel the need to use a webcam. I respect my students' privacy and no one has ever told me my lessons would have been better if I used a webcam.

If you are looking for a math tutor online, here are some of the qualities you want the prospective tutor to have.

 Here are some of my recorded lessons

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Anirban has been my son’s math tutor since Fall 2010. He is an excellent math teacher with great versatility. By this I am referring to Anirban’s approach of using teaching methods and strategies that suits the student’s evolving needs. In the beginning, my son was taking classes to sharpen his skills for various math competitions. Aniban worked on sharpening speed and accuracy that are critical to such tests. Following that, he has been working with my son on new content areas that have not only helped reinforce what is being taught at school but also to keep moving ahead at a steady pace. Switching strategies to match evolving tutoring needs of students is Anirban’s particular strength. Additionally, he is very punctual and focused and adheres to really high standards in this learning process. He expects an equal amount of commitment from his students. He is also a great mentor to the kids, including my son. I highly recommend Anirban’s tutoring services as he is capable of delivering any/all specific mathematical needs your child may have.
- Uma Krishnan
Vancouver, WA, USA