Math Videos -
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Math at your own pace

Math videos provide a great way to learn math at one's own pace. They give you a different experience from what you get by reading a math book. Seeing is believing, right?

Let's say you got into middle school and started learning about negative numbers. Now, you are ready to learn how to add positive and negative numbers. The video below shows how to do that with two numbers. Once you understand the basic idea, you can extend this to add 3 or more numbers, each of which can be positive or negative, as shown here.

  Math video showing how to add two signed numbers

So what would you prefer? Reading text or watching videos?

Video lessons are becoming ever popular. When you watch an educational video, you can also hear an expert speaking into your ears. This is not possible when you read a chapter from the book or scan through a solved example.

Watching and hearing help us remember more and retain longer than just reading. Probably that's exactly why some of us tend to read aloud from our school text books. When I was in school, my dad would often ask me to read aloud so that he could be sure that my mind was on my books!

However, as it used to be in my case, we often end up concentrating more on the pronunciation and punctuation - the reading aspects - rather than thinking about the math problem as we read

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The list will keep growing. Please revisit soon.