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The rest of this page is for all those kids who need help with their math homework over chat/email.

When in school, math homework is part of almost our daily lives. I know how some kids get worried about not being able to complete their homework on time.

If you are one of those kids, don't worry. I can help you turn in your math homework on time and with all correct answers. But first, you need to make an honest effort to do the problems on your own before sending them over to me.

 Math homework help using chat & email

Kids send me scanned copies - or cellphone pictures - of their math assignments - with their own answers (and steps if asked for) clearly written down. I check them, put in my comments and send them back so they can correct their mistakes before turning them in.

The result? Your math assignment is submitted on time with all correct answers.

Here's a sample of what you get (click on the picture to enlarge it):

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Here are the steps:

First, try out the problems on your own (don't be afraid of getting them wrong - we all learn from our mistakes).

Then, send me a text through the chat on the bottom of this page to say you want me to review your homework. If I am unavailable on chat, click on contact me and clearly mention the topic, number of problems and due date for your math homework.

If I am not already tied up and ready to review your attempts, I will let you know how to send me the picture.

Please note reviewing homework solutions is a paid service but costs significantly less than tutoring (unless you have a whole bunch of problems to be reviewed!).

 Free homework help

If you are looking for help with your math assignment free of any cost, just get hold of me on chat to find out if I am available. If you got stuck with something that doesn't take long to explain from my side, I am more than happy to help you.

That said, if I keep busy, I'll probably have to turn down your request for a free service.

 Samples of email homework help

Word problems related to factors
Prime factors and exponents
Prime factorization with exponents, primes and composites
Primes and composites
Add and subtract mixed numbers - 1
Add and subtract mixed numbers - 2
Multiply fractions and mixed numbers - 1
Multiply fractions and mixed numbers - 2
Multiply fractions and mixed numbers - 3
Find a fraction of a number
Fraction word problems
Percentage to decimal and decimal to percentage
Convert between fractions, decimals and percentages

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