Mental Maths -
have fun or show off

Mental Maths is like magic! A magician performs tricks that appear impossible and unbelievable to us. It makes us wonder "How could he do that? Isn't that supernatural power?" and it makes us feel hungry for more.

With some practice you too can have the power to be a Maths magician and amuse your friends. Or just have fun. Or may be apply the tricks in your test.

Watch the video below. It shows you how to do multiplications like 37 x 33, 68 x 62, 94 x 96 and more in your head. With some practice you should be doing them in a few seconds.

 Mental Maths Multiplication: 2 digit by 2 digit

I am sure you agree that the trick above isn't that difficult to master. But when you show this to your friends, they think something weird has happened with your brain! Be sure to do some practice so that you don't even need paper and pencil when you show this magic.

More Mental Math techniques

The technique above can be extended to multiply 3-digit numbers like
224 x 226, 553 x 557 and so on. We can discuss about that some other time.

Here's another one, then. How can you solve multiplication problems like
56 x 11, 72 x 11, 97 x 11 in less than 5 seconds in your head? Watch this.

 Mental Maths trick: Multiplying with 11

Once again, I am sure you agree this is easier than you would have thought! Just do some practice and ask someone from the family or a friend to shoot some of these problems at you. They are in for a surprise, yeah?

The technique above can also be used to multiply bigger numbers with 11 - for example 415 x 11 or even 5189 x 11. We can take it up later. As of now, you must be feeling like a true magician

Revisit to learn more tricks.